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With the development of industrialization and the rise of the coating industry, many industries have begun to use aluminum silver paste. One of the aluminum-silver pastes used in the shell coatings of our common metal oil tanks and natural gas tanks. The tank body will absorb heat when exposed to sunlight, causing the temperature and pressure inside the tank body to rise, which may cause oil waste and safety hazards. Therefore, it is very important to choose aluminum silver paste to make the coating have a certain anti-corrosion performance.

 Aluminum-silver paste, also called aluminum powder paste, flash paste, and silver paste, is an inorganic metal pigment, mainly composed of aluminum, solvents and additives. The main components are aluminum flakes and petroleum solvents in a paste form. Through special processing technology and surface treatment, the surface of the aluminum sheet is smooth and flat, with neat edges, regular shapes, concentrated particle size distribution, excellent light reflection ability and metallic luster. When mixed with transparent color pigments, the paint film has obvious "floppy corners" "Different color effect", the decorative effect is very gorgeous and beautiful, and it has good matching with the coating system

Aluminum silver paste generally has the following attributes:

Applicability and economy: For coatings, aluminum-silver paste has certain decorative and surface protective properties on the surface of the object to be coated, and also has the properties of surface covering and film-forming compatibility.

Easy to process: Relatively speaking, it is easy to mass produce and the processing cost is not high.

Extensibility: Usually when aluminum silver paste is used, this feature can also be used to grind easily granular aluminum metal objects into flakes through external force.

Easy planing: Generally, when aluminum silver paste is used, this feature can be used to facilitate the use of corresponding processing methods to make aluminum flakes show excellent metallic luster.

Optical properties: In addition to the corresponding shade, lightness and saturation of other pigments, aluminum-silver paste also has excellent gloss, developability and angular effect.

Anti-corrosion and shielding performance: The layers of aluminum flakes are arranged overlappingly, which generally form a good shielding performance on the surface of the object, so that the coating has the anti-corrosion performance of blocking the invasion of harmful substances.

Reflective and heat insulation: generally with the good luster and mirror effect of aluminum flakes, the incoming light is reflected out to block the thermal effects of infrared and ultraviolet rays.

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