How to choose aluminum silver paste for coating?-B


Aluminum silver paste can be divided into two categories: floating type and non-floating type. Floating type: In the floating type aluminum pigment, the aluminum flakes are aligned near the surface of the paint film to form an opaque silver film. This opaque property is the main factor that makes the floating type aluminum pigment an important functional raw material. Aluminum pigments are generally used in roof coatings with high protection requirements, maintenance, anti-corrosion coatings, reflective coatings, imitation plating effect coatings and commercial coatings. The appearance of floating aluminum pigments varies according to the thickness of the particles, from rough, white appearance to gray, highly reflective or mirror-like effect. Coarse floating aluminum pigments have lower hiding power and rougher structure, but can obtain white and bright coatings. On the contrary, the fine-shaped floating aluminum pigment has a large hiding power, a smooth structure and a highly reflective coating. Non-floating type: non-floating aluminum paste has excellent coloring and strong hiding power. It is widely used in industrial coatings, auto parts coatings and decorative coatings; non-floating pigments are uniformly parallel in the entire paint film Distribution, the appearance of the formed coating film is different from floating aluminum pigments. Because it can be mixed with a variety of pigments and is suitable for a variety of systems, it has a unique effect on industrial coatings. However, any pigment or dye must be transparent when used with non-floating aluminum pigments in order to achieve a realistic metallic effect. There are many types of non-floating aluminum pigments, from low to high tinting strength, from coarse to fine particles, and from bright white to dark gray and soft. Non-floating aluminum pigments have a variety of acid resistance levels, which can reduce the impact of industrial smoke, acid rain and other adverse environments on painted parts.

The coating system must have corresponding functions, which is especially important for the selection of aluminum silver paste. If the anti-corrosion performance is only considered, the floating aluminum silver paste and the non-floating aluminum silver paste can basically be satisfied; if the surface is required to have a strong heat insulation and reflection effect after construction, it will achieve the effect of anti-corrosion, heat insulation and light reflection. Insulation should also prevent heat absorption. It is better to choose floating aluminum silver paste. It is recommended that when choosing floating aluminum silver paste, consider that the higher the floating power, the more "mirror-like" and the stronger the reflection power of the paint film formed; the higher the aluminum content, the longer the paint film life, otherwise not only the anti-corrosion performance is reduced, but the reflection power is also Will decrease; the more uniform the aluminum sheet, the better the arrangement, the better the paint film feel, and the better the reflection.

Therefore, when choosing aluminum-silver paste, it is recommended that everyone try to choose aluminum-silver paste with high floating power, high aluminum content, and uniform particle size distribution, so that the performance of the coating can reach a relatively high level.

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