One article to understand paint matting agent-B


Gloss is an important physical property of the coating film, expressed by gloss. Some occasions require a glossy coating film, and some occasions do not require a glossy coating film. The use of high-gloss coatings is still low-gloss, which is not only related to fashion and appearance, but also related to bright effects, touch feeling, and risk reduction. Generally, all kinds of transportation vehicles use non-glaring matt paint for safety reasons, and the internal decorative surface is basically matte. In addition, the surface of skyscrapers is generally not painted with bright paint, but is covered with pre-painted panels on steel or aluminum substrates, and matte paint is used to avoid dangerous reflections that may irritate pedestrians or car drivers. s eyes. Moreover, economical and practical is another important factor in choosing low gloss coatings. When some substrates are scratched, slightly pitted or soiled, it is difficult to conceal such defects with bright paint, and matting paint can conceal these defects.

The substance that can significantly reduce the gloss of the coating surface is called the coating matting agent. The largest amount is ultrafine synthetic silica, followed by micronized wax, and the amount of stearates of aluminum, calcium, magnesium, and zinc is small. In addition, adding extender pigments, increasing pigment content, adding incompletely compatible resin components, and mechanically making the coating surface rough or surface embossing can also reduce the gloss of the coating film.

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