In-depth analysis of solvent-free brominated carbon epoxy floor coatings-C


In addition to the flame retardant properties of bromocarbon resin, antimony trioxide also has a significant role in promoting its flame retardant and fireproof performance. As the amount of antimony trioxide increases, the higher the limiting oxygen index of the coating, the greater the flame retardant effect. A high oxygen index indicates that the material is not easy to burn, and a low oxygen index indicates that the material is easy to burn. It is generally considered that an oxygen index <22% is a combustible material, an oxygen index between 22% and 27% is a combustible material, and an oxygen index> 27% is Flame retardant material. The data shows that when the amount of antimony trioxide is 6% of the coating quality, the limiting oxygen index is 37.5%. In addition, it should be noted that although bromocarbon epoxy solvent-free anticorrosive floor paint has excellent resistance to strong acids such as concentrated sulfuric acid, strong alkalis such as saturated sodium hydroxide and organic solvents, it has poor resistance to hydrofluoric acid. The anti-corrosion performance of this kind of coating is due to the excellent corrosion resistance of epoxy resin itself, and the second is that the solvent-free floor coating is extremely dense. The higher the density of the coating, the better the permeability of chemical media and the better the corrosion resistance of the floor. Studies have shown that the fire-resistant solvent-free brominated carbon epoxy anticorrosive floor coating forms a uniform, dense coating without structural defects, enhances the coating’s resistance to penetration by chemical media, and improves the coating’s anticorrosive performance.

In our daily life, it is also very necessary to use fireproof and anticorrosive floor coatings in public places such as shopping malls and shopping centers with a large flow of people, and increasingly high residential parking lots. For example, a fire accident in a shopping mall in Russia in 2018 is enough to prove the importance of fireproof floor engineering.

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