Real stone paint and colorful paint, have you chosen the right one?-B


Environmental protection: Both real stone paint and colorful paint are water-based environmentally friendly products.

1. The real stone paint is in the form of sand wall, and the water-in-water is in the form of resin emulsion;

2. In terms of simulation, water-in-water is better than real stone paint;

3. Impact resistance, real stone paint is better than water-in-water;

4. In terms of stain resistance, water-in-water is better than real stone paint;

5. In terms of crack resistance, real stone paint is better than water-in-water;

6. In terms of weather resistance, real stone paint is better for longevity noodles;

Uses: Both colorful paint and real stone paint are used for the protection of exterior walls, with good weather resistance and stain resistance. The difference is that the surface texture is different. Real stone paint has the texture of sand, and the surface of water-in-water colorful paint is relatively smooth and flat.

Service life: The service life of real stone paint is more than 15 years, while the service life of colorful paint reaches more than 20 years, which is relatively longer than the service life of real stone paint.

Color: The color of real stone paint is limited by the color of natural colored sand, and the range of color selection is relatively single. The colorful lacquer has a wide range of colors and can be adjusted arbitrarily, most of which are imitation marble Huanggangyan.

Stain resistance: We know that the environment of exterior wall coatings is changeable and requires extremely high stain resistance and weather resistance. Since the real stone paint is easy to hide dirt on the sand surface, it can be protected by spraying overcoat. The water-in-water surface is smooth, and its resistance to pollution is slightly stronger than that of real stone paint.

Compare the similarity between the two in terms of performance

The similarity of real stone paint is relatively low, only 40%-50%, and the similarity of colorful paint can reach 99%, which can almost be fake.

Stability between batches

Since the real paint uses natural stone powder or rock chips as raw materials, the color is affected by various crushed stones, and the color difference between batches is large. The color of the colorful paint is made of color paste. The color can be adjusted at any time according to actual needs. Production can ensure consistent color.

Durability: Real stone paint has poor resistance to the environment, while colorful paint has acid resistance, alkali resistance, and light resistance. The paint film is not easy to peel or fade, and it has a relatively long durability.

Resources and environmental protection: Real stone paint is a resource-based product, which consumes a lot of resources, and colorful paint is a green and environmentally friendly product with no pollution.

Raw material procurement: The raw materials of real stone paint come from natural resources and are prone to shortages. The raw materials of colorful paint are commonly used raw materials such as emulsions and are relatively easy to obtain.

Construction quality: The real stone paint is easy to turn white when it meets water during construction, and it is easy to fly when spraying, which causes greater loss. At the same time, it is easy to turn yellow and bloom after being installed on the wall. control.

Because of the material, the wall painted by real stone paint has a rough grainy feeling, like the surface effect of natural sandstone bricks, while the colorful paint is relatively viscous, the brushed feeling is smoother and the texture is slightly weaker. But also because of this rough surface, the pollution resistance of real stone paint is not as good as that of colorful paint. Simply put, real stone paint is not as stain resistant as colorful paint. In the later cleaning and maintenance work, colorful painted walls will be easier to clean than real stone painted walls.

They have their own advantages and disadvantages, so which one is more expensive, real stone paint or colorful paint?

In general, colorful paint is better than real stone paint, so in terms of price, colorful paint will be a little more expensive than real stone paint.

From the above, we can see the difference between real stone paint and colorful paint for exterior walls, so we can choose suitable exterior wall paint according to our own needs when choosing exterior wall materials.


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